After their performance in St. Louis Monday night for The Smokers Club Tour, Ab-Soul, Joey Badas$$, and a few members of the Pro Era crew were arrested.

No official word on what the arrests were for, but it’s presumably marijuana related. Funny enough, it appears as if Joey doesn’t know what he’s hand cuffed for either. With the news hitting Instagram, Joey is seen in the clip below hysterically laughing as he asks the cop:

“Have you figured out why I’m in these handcuffs? Have you figured it out? Yo, they don't know why I'm in these handcuffs.”

Check it out below. We’ll have more details on this story when it comes available.

[UPDATE: Details On Arrest Emerge, Joey Bada$$ & Ab-Soul Were Released]

Last night footage circulated of Ab-Soul and Joey Bada$$ in handcuffs, while Joey asked the police if they had figured out why they were being arrested. Well, it seems there was no reason for their arrest and two Smokers Club tour rappers were released last night.

Statik Selektah who was on tour with them spoke to HipHopDX about what happened.

"No one is in jail," Statik Selektah said. "The cops were profiling because Joey and Ab were walking through the hotel parking lot to the bus. I was inside the hotel working when it happened, but by the time I came out, the cops were gone and the hotel security told me how it was bullshit."

When asked if anyone was taken to the police station, Statik responded, "Naw. The cops felt dumb as fuck after they realized they were fucking up. [It was] basically profiling gone wrong. They saw the tour bus, passports, etcetera."

"The show is still on tonight in St. Louis," Statik added. "That was some typical police bullshit." 

Check out our interview with Joey and Soulo while they were on the Smokers Club tour below.