It's truly been a minute since we've heard substantial new music from Ab-Soul, whose latest effort Do What Thou Wilt arrived in December of 2016. While his abstract lyricism and avant-garde concepts give his existing music plenty of replay value, the drought has admittedly gotten a little out of hand. True, many fans have come to expect as much from TDE, a label primarily known for two things: excellent releases and lengthy periods of downtime. But all signs are certainly pointing to Ab-Soul's triumphant return, especially given that he recently confirmed as much at the beginning of January

Earl Gibson/BET/Getty Images

For the most part, however, Soulo has opted to remain relatively quiet about what he's been cooking up. As such, any little bit of insight is most welcome, as proved to be the case following a few recent tweets from TDE President Punch. Last night, he confirmed that he and Soul were actively cooking up in the studio, sharing an interesting insight into some of the rapper's more conspiratorial habits. "In the studio with @abdashsoul,” writes Punch, confirmation that the project is still actively in the works. “My Mans got duck tape covering the cameras on his iPhone. Lol.” 

Of course, many were quick to point out that covering one's camera might very well provide studio sessions with much-needed security. Regardless, it certainly stands in line with some of the philosophies espoused in Soul's lyricism, a decidedly on-brand move that certainly left Punch feeling amused. Unfortunately, neither Soulo nor Punch were able to provide further clarification on whether or not the Do What Thou Wilt follow-up is imminent -- though a gambler might be wise to throw a few chips down for a 2021 release date.