Ab-Soul On NiteCap With Peter Bailey

Kevin Goddard
October 16, 2014 02:15

Ab-Soul talks about the deeper meaning and spirituality with NBC's Peter Bailey.

Following the recent interview with Lil Boosie, NBC NiteCap’s Peter Bailey returns today with a new interview with TDE lyricist Ab-Soul.

During their lengthy conversation, the two touch on several various topics, including the higher power and why people might still believe in one, even if they claim not to. They also touch on why “making it out of the hood” is so gimmicky, and if it’s motivation for someone to come back to the neighborhood and stunt on the people who are still living there and struggling. Lastly, Soulo also kills time by talking about things like social media & Instagram, love, and television as well.

Got 40 minutes to kill? Then I suggest you check out this enlightening interview above.

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