The mother of Ace Hood's children seemingly wants to get him in trouble with the law because she revealed during a recent live stream that the rapper allegedly received a $144,000 PPP loan from the government despite having no actual employees. 

A few days ago, Ace Hood and the mother of his children, Shanice, called each other out on Father's Day. Ace said that Shanice wouldn't allow him to spend time with their kids because of money problems. Shanice rebutted by claiming that the rapper owes her over $95,000 in child support. She didn't stop there though because she felt like exposing her ex to a new degree, alleging that Ace Hood received a $144,000 Paycheck Protection Program loan during the pandemic, despite having nobody employed on his team.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Claiming that Ace told the court that he only has $2,500 to his name, Shanice said, "We reported it so now he has to pay me what he owes me and he's mad. I let you go two years without doing anything so what are you talking about? Make it make sense. And y'all can look up the PPP loan. Y'all know it's public records. Ace Hood Touring. Go look it up, he got $144K. I'm trying to figure out how he got that much when he don't got no employees."

Ace Hood has not responded to Shanice's claims. We will keep you posted when/if he does.

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