Bronsolini took a break from his gorgeous flank of braised beef to remind fans he was working towards his first musical project in some time. Not only is he back on his bullsh*t, but a project titled White Bronco he has referenced in the past, looks ready to see press, by his own admission. Bronson faced a conundrum with label Atlantic, which resulted in the NY rapper jumping ship after months of delay. 

Bronson's Tweet alludes to White Bronco being his first "Indy" project in a very long time. He didn't stop at White Bronco, blowing a triplet promises from his goodie bag: "More music more music more music" he expressed with great confidence, like a ruler speaking to his "well-bred people" from a balcony.

Bronso also uopdated fans on the condition of his knee, an injury he seems to have been unable to rid himself of, for what seems like an eternity. It has long been reported that a leg injury is what pushed him in the direction of rap while he was moonlighting as a cook back in 2011. In the end, no one is forcing Action Bronson to choose one vocation over the other. More often than not, fans of music have been turned on to "Gastronomy" because of how accessible he's made the culture, and how easily he makes the switch.