Action Bronson probably was not able to even do 11 push-ups a few months ago but, today, he's pulling off 110 to remember the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001.

As we remember the terrorist attacks in New York City that sparked a war between the United States and several countries in the Middle East, Action Bronson has come up with a clever way to continue his fitness goals while also paying tribute to the lives that were lost nineteen years ago.

The rapper decided to get a quick chest workout in at an outdoor park, sharing a video of his bodyweight exercises on Instagram.

"110 PUSHUPS #NEVERFORGET," he wrote as his caption.

Of course, 11 push-ups would have been too easy but, on the other hand, 911 push-ups is way too much for anybody to withstand. His solution was to settle on a number that would still do the job on both ends, remembering the tragedy of 9/11 while still getting a good burn in.

As of late, Bronsoliño has been posting updates on his page to keep people on track with his weight loss. Just a few days ago, he revealed that he has officially lost 110 pounds. You can see it too -- he's looking better than ever before.

He has also been releasing new music, announcing his new album Only For Dolphins, which will be out on September 25.

Congratulations, Action!