With face tattoos becoming more and more popular among young rappers, becoming a major characteristic of who can be defined as a "SoundCloud rapper," head tattoos are far less common. Already having a few tats on his head, Action Bronson opted to fill up his dome with colorful ink, adding a giant piece right to the back of his skull. Staying relatively quiet this year as he only appeared on a few songs, Bronson left his label two months ago with his announcement of the White Bronco mixtape. As a free agent, Bronson is not tied down to any potential label drama, leaving him free to operate on his own terms. With his newfound freedom, the rapper decided to celebrate with some new ink.

Showing off the fresh piece on Instagram, Action's new tattoo is of a cathedral on the back of his head. Covering much of his cranium real estate, there is little room for Bronson to add to it but with separate tats on either side of his head, he should be satisfied for a while. The rapper echoed a sentiment felt by many who appreciate body art, writing, "This hurt like a mothafucka but it was worth every drop of pain." Clearly still fresh, Bronson's head is still swollen but once that's healed up, it has all the makings of a killer piece.

Check out his new head ink below and let us know what you think.