Action Bronson's second book Stoned Beyond Belief is available now and he's in the middle of a press run to let everybody know about it. We know Bronsolino as a loveable New Yorker, a stoner, and a skilled rapper. He's also a solid chef, hosting Fuck, That's Delicious and showing off his culinary skills to the masses. His latest book explores two of Bronson's passions: food and weed. He is an entertaining storyteller and in the pages of his new release, he tells a tale of when he got his mother "stoned beyond belief" on 4/20.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Speaking with Seth Meyers about the book, Action Bronson retold the story to his audience, laughing and revealing that his mother was the person that put him onto weed in the first place. Thinking back to that special day two years ago, the rapper said that his mom came over for lunch and wanted to smoke a little bit. "I gave her just a little touch of some very potent oil," said Action Bronson. "Oh man, it was like this woman was on ketamine. I don't know that feeling but she does. She's from that era."

Bronson goes on to explain that he recorded the entire process, carrying her up the stairs and tucking her into bed while she screamed at him to keep her shoes on her feet. Of course, a portion of the audio was played on television during the segment. Have a listen below.