In recent months, Bam Bam Bronsoliño has been celebrating the birth of his son and providing him one of the most untouchable newborn sneaker collections of all-time. With the release of his fifth studio album, White Bronco (2018), and his latest musical offering in Lamb Over Rice (2019), Action Bronson has been able to establish himself as one of the most consistent New York rappers of this current generation. Now, the "1Train" collaborator has revealed that he has a new music variety show in partnership with Apple Music entitled, Live From The Moon

Live From The Moon will explore the Queens-bred emcee's vast music collection from '70s Turkish funk to '80s Shanghainese disco to Nigerian afro-boogie. With the help of iPad illustrated graphics, Action Bronson will vividly describe the quirky incidents that occurred in pursuit of each record within his collection. In a recent statement, the "DMTri" rapper had this to say about Live From The Moon:

This is a playlist of my journey through life. All the places I’ve been, all the different music we’ve sought and found — this show is all about taking journeys to the f*cking furthest points of humanity.”

During a short interview with Zane Lowe, Action Bronson stated that he wanted to take the show's viewers on an explorative musical journey that would leave them 'inspired.' The musician turned TV personality proclaimed:

"Listen, this music that I’m gonna bring to the people is something that’s inspiring, it’s emotional. Bronson continued, "It's like it's art. You're listening to art from all around the world that hasn't been uncovered, really. There's so much music from all around this earth, it's hard to gather in one place—I'm trying to bring that for everybody."

While Action Bronson might be in the midst of conflict with Viceland over his popular food show, F*ck, That's Delicious, his latest entertainment endeavor in Live From The Moon has already aired its first episode entitled, Afterlife. The music variety show will air on Beats 1 every other Saturday at 7 P.M. EST.

Check out Action Bronson and Zane Lowe discussing Live From The Moon in the video provided below and check out the first episode of the show, here