Last week, Action Bronson shocked his fans when he decided to take a razor to his face and shave off his iconic beard. Bronson's beard was a distinguishing part of his look and without it, he just doesn't look the same. He didn't reveal exactly why he shaved off his beard but some people speculated it could have possibly been for an upcoming movie role. However, that isn't the case and the rapper revealed that his urge to shave his beard simply came when he was stoned.

During a recent visit to Hot97, Action Bronson revealed that he was incredibly stoned when he decided to shave his beard. He says he initially wanted to trim it down a little bit but "things went bad."

"I was high out of my mind," he admitted. "I was blastin' off three, four times. I have clippers in my house, I never had clippers in my house for a while for this reason. I usually call somebody to come help me out and come do that."

The rapper clearly thought it would be a good time to be experimenting with the clippers but things went downhill from there.

"I just started trimming and it just went bad. It went awry quick." He said, "I tried to give it a fade, I tried to make it slim... I couldn't stop, and then I ended up looking like Hulk Hogan in the face. It was just a bad move."

If you thought the internet's reaction to Bronson's face was blunt, his kids kept it completely 100 with him. He recalls them saying, "I don't like the way your face looks dad."

Peep the interview below.