We've been keeping you up-to-date on Action Bronson's weight loss journey, which he has been holding himself accountable for, dropping over ninety pounds in just a matter of months. He's been restricting his diet to healthy foods only, limiting his portions and working out hard with a personal trainer during the quarantine. His results are on the table for us all to marvel at, serving as inspiration as it would appear as though the rapper isn't solely focused on his physical appearance but also his overall health.

Taking a picture of himself undergoing treatment inside a chamber, Bronsoliño floated into deep relaxation, sharing the shot to Instagram. 

"SOMETIMES YOU NEED A GOOD FLOAT," he wrote. His fans are commending him on how far he's come in recent months, putting more of a focus on himself, his health and fitness, and his general wellbeing. 

While Bronson admits that he still has a ways to go before being satisfied with his current journey toward self-betterment, he's already looking much slimmer than he did just a few weeks ago. That's a testament to how hard he has been working.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In addition to keeping his supporters posted on his weight loss transformation, the rapper participated in the new season of Hot Ones, where he tested out some flaming hot sauces and chopped it up with Sean Evans.