Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Action Bronson showed off the culinary skills he learned on his side job. The host of Fuck, That's Delicious cooked black truffle burgers for Meyers. Bronson's got a cookbook coming out apparently named after his show on Munchies. They started off by drinking a glass of French wine to unwind.

"You want it loose, you want it loose," Bronson said about the meat patties he cooked in a pan.

The New York rapper brought his usual humor, "funk" and nonchalance to the kitchen, drawing laughs from the studio audience. He brought out the black truffle from a ruffled pink plastic grocery bag and said he had "some guy bring it in his ass from Italy." He then grated the truffle over the broiling patties. Fuck, to be honest, everything looked so delicious.

To Meyers' delight, he ended his set by making dessert: an expensive white truffle grated over olive oil, honey and vanilla ice cream.