Action Bronson was none too pleased to find out his longtime business partner Vice Media had essentially tarnished his name, over a cheap thrill. The Viceland Twitter account ran a promo-post which stated that an aged-Action Bronson had become the current embodiment of the "Salt Bae" meme. They ran this quote:  “Remember “Salt Bae?” This is him now. Feel old yet," along with a GIF of Action Bronson using a pepper mill during one of his cooking segments. Viceland has since deleted their Tweet, Action Bronson's fervent 3-part response, however, still stands the test of time.

Action Bronson, who takes his passion for food very seriously, having worked in the industry and gone to culinary school himself as a youngster, didn't take to being reduced to a walking meme. While it's quite possible that a newly newly-hired intern was at fault for the Twitter post, Action Bronson was equally befuddled by what he perceived as an act of betrayal, and fittingly so. Bronson previously held a recording contract with Vice Media back when they were starting their fledgling music label, and is responsible for various travel and culinary shows published on the platform, including Fuck That's Delicious. 

Action Bronco's forthcoming project White Bronco debuts on November 1st.