Action Bronson, hip-hop's esteemed renaissance man, has been putting in such admirable work in the gym that our photo repository doesn't even have a picture reflective of his current look. Well on the way to becoming svelte, as his classic cut "Ronny Coleman" once foreshadowed, Bronsolinio took a moment to square off his with old foe -- devastatingly spicy wings -- on Hot Ones. 

Action Bronson Hot Ones

Jerod Harris/Getty Images 

Now, few rappers can boast as refined a palette as Bronson, the mind behind Fuck That's Delicious and the cookbook it went on to spawn. In that regard, watching him go head to head with a lineup on increasingly spicy wings is sort of like watching a master craftsman in his element. As per usual, Bronson's penchant for colorful language makes him shine as a conversationalist, reciting even the most uneventful anecdotes with a worldly gravitas. "I like to buy hot sauce and other paraphernalia by the labeling," he admits. "The funkier the cover, the better."

Revealing that he has sworn off fried foods, Bronson admirably substitutes the traditional dish with a grilled variant, a testament to his dedication. "I'm going to imagine crunch," he prefaces, before taking a bite. What begins as smooth sailing eventually escalates as the Scovilles do, and seeing Bronson do his best to steer the ship makes for a highly entertaining twenty-four minutes. Fans of the rapper should check this one out post-haste, and keep a watchful eye out for more news on his upcoming album Only For Dolphins -- for more of his music, don't miss Action's latest single "Latin Grammys" right here.