Action Bronson appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast this week where he spoke about how the COVID-19 quarantine pushed him to lose weight and get in shape. During the interview, the New York rapper also told the host a fascinating story about how one particular DMX song helped his wife give birth after a painful seventeen hours in labor.

Telling Joe Rogan that he wishes he could have told DMX this story personally before his passing, Action Bronson remembered being in the Andes with his family as his wife was going into labor. During her seventeen-hour labor, they were listening to Peruvian flute music, and the moment the music shifted to DMX, Action Bronson says their baby came out instantly.

When the doctor told them that they had about an hour left before they would need to perform a C-section surgery, Bronson told everyone to stop playing the flute before putting on DMX's "Ruff Ryders Anthem." "Turn the f*ckin' Peruvian flute music off and I put f*ckin' DMX on," he recalled. "Stop, drop... that motherf*cker jumped out of her. I swear on everything! It's on camera! It's on film! As soon as the Peruvian flute music stopped and DMX came on, he f*ckin' heard the dog and he came out, he just jumped out. It hurts my f*ckin' heart that I was never able to tell him that."

Apparently, even the doctor was excited to hear DMX after seventeen straight hours of the flute. 

Listen to Action Bronson's story below. Rest in peace, DMX.