Nothing stays dead forever in Hollywood, which is why The Matrix series is getting revamped. The film will reunite original stars Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, and Carrie-Anne Moss with new sensation Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Action Bronson wanted to get in on the action, and tried out for a role in the film. Unfortunately, he didn't get cast. 

Bronson spoke with NME and confirmed that he auditioned for The Matrix 4, but did not get the part. “Nah, I definitely didn’t get the role,” he stated. “I would have known, I would’ve acted in it. I would have been in a fucking harness hanging off a wire from a bridge or something. I definitely read for it, though, but it was bizarre.”

The lyricist explained that he believes he didn't get the part because they didn't get to experience his charm in person. "It was during COVID and the reading was over the phone. It was just a weird situation. I’m better in person, I have to charm you. You’ve actually got to see the whole me. It’s not good to just get a snippet of me over the phone, you know? You have to really take in the Baklava experience.” Maybe he'll get a spot on the soundtrack.