Today, GQ has shared the latest installment of "Actually Me," starring Action Bronson. Starting with Twitter, Bronsolinio decided to address one of the more pressing questions of late. Why nix the beard? As he tells it, he was "stoned beyond belief." Elaborating, he details how "one wrong move" led to a full fledged commitment. "I hadn't seen my face for twelve years," he admits. "I forgot what I looked like. But I am a hunk. And I'm hot, there's no doubt about it. Whether I have face on my hair or not."

Taking to Reddit, Bronson confirms that White Bronco is coming, calling it a "fucking journey. It's unbelievable." Upon moving to Quora, he's faced with a truly interesting question, which ponders whether he's a new school or old school rapper. "I'd say that I'm a renaissance rapper," he says. "I'm also a medieval, futuristic rapper. I would say there are no labels you could put on me whatsoever. I draw influences from twenty lifetimes ago."

He also answers one fan's question about his weight, claiming to measure in at three hundred and fifteen pounds. "And I wear it well," he grins. "It's in the midsection. I have a broad shoulder base. I'm fuckin' pretty jacked, considering I haven't done anything in years. The legs are where the power is...If you were to compare me to anybody else in life, Mariusz Pudzianowski." 

For more from Bronson, peep GQ's full video below.