Hollywood actress Kerry Washington recently shocked her fans by sharing her phone number via social media. The actress encouraged fans to reach out in an attempt to bridge the gap between her supporters and herself. The bold move was done in the form of an Instagram post wherein she captioned: "TEXT ME!" The photo itself showed Kerry Washington looking at herself in a mirror and armed with a red lipstick with which she wrote her phone number on a mirror. "XO Kerry" can also be seen in the picture itself. Moreover, in a video shared via Twitter, the starlet proudly said: "It's 718-400-7118, shout-out to the boogie-down Bronx." The reasoning behind Washington's actions is simply that she misses her fans.


"Hey, you guys. So you know how private I am, but I am going to do something crazy," she said in a video. "I am going to give you my phone number, which I know sounds insane, but you know I posted about this last week. I've been missing that TGIT love. We used to come together every Thursday night at the same time and the same place, and I would know where you were, you would know where I was, and we would talk about stuff that really mattered to us and kind of be in a community together. I want to bring some of that back because I miss you guys, and social media is amazing but sometimes it's hard to sift through and really connect with the people who matter to you most," shared the 42-year old actress.