TMZ has provided the masses with footage that proves Adam "Pacman" Jones was guilty of foul play leading up to his February arrest. If you'll recall, the current NFL free agent was booked at a casino in Indiana after his gambling opponents spotted him cheating. Indiana Gaming Commission Enforcement agents confronted while he was still seated opposite his gambling opponents. The rest is history.

Tim Warner/Getty Images

As fate would have it, Adam "Pacman" Jones became volatile once he was apprehended, telling the agents, "I will kill you ... I will whoop your ass," according to those who witnessed the meltdown on the ground level.

After copping a plea deal in the early running, Adam "Pacman" Jones accepted a lenient 10-day jail sentence, on the condition he keeps away from guns or sharp objects, and never in his wildest dreams, re-enter the Rising Sun Casino in Indiana. 

Although Jones' reputation is already in disrepair, surveillance footage of cheating at the table could prove decisive in ending his NFL career. In this current day and age, you'd be hard pressed to find an NFL owner willing to "play ball" 35-year old trouble maker. As you'll see in the video (above), Jones adds to his "bet" after winning the hand. That's a no-no in any state of the union I'm afraid.