Adam Schefter is perhaps the biggest NFL insider in the world and as a personality working on ESPN, Schefter has become an instantly recognizable force in the sports media world. When it comes to the football world, fans are always hanging on his every word, as they desperately want to know what's happening with certain teams and players. Given his celebrity, it's certainly surprising that the sports journalist has yet to be mentioned in a hip-hop song.

Well, that all changed on Friday as Jack Harlow released his debut album That's What They All Say. On the track "Keep It Light," Harlow raps "I play the game, you watch the game like Adam Schefter." This line immediately caught the attention of the ESPN insider as he took to Twitter thanking the rapper for giving him his very own hip-hop debut.

Harlow's debut project has been garnering praise on social media as fans are saying the rapper's debut is a great foray into his sound. The Louisville rapper has been on quite the tear over the past few months and this project was in many ways his introduction to the world.

As for Schefter, we're sure "Keep It Light" will be on rotation in his home for years to come.