For the last couple of weeks now, NBA players have been hunkering down inside of the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida. The bubble experiment has worked quite well as not a single player has been diagnosed with the virus. On Thursday, the league will officially start back up again, with the New Orleans Pelicans taking on the Utah Jazz, and the Los Angeles Lakers playing the Clippers.

In a new interview with Marc Stein of The New York Times, NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the NBA bubble and how it's been a success so far. Silver acknowledged that the players are making a massive sacrifice that he is very appreciative of. Silver also noted that the work isn't done yet and that they are still enforcing strict rules in order to keep the players safe.

“It requires significant sacrifice from our players,” Silver said. “From my standpoint, it’s going very well, and I’m cautiously optimistic that we’re on the right track. But I also recognize what we’re doing has not been done before, and the competition is just beginning. The real test will come when players are commingling, playing basketball without masks and without physical distancing.”

Moving forward, Silver will be flying to Orlando this week where he will be in attendance for the first two games of the season.