NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been hard at work trying to come up with a plan that would bring basketball back to the court. Of course, the Coronavirus has been extremely hard to deal with and as of right now, the United States is still dealing with some pretty horrific spikes, especially in Florida. This is particularly troubling for the NBA as their bubble city plan is supposed to take place in Orlando, Florida, with teams traveling to the city just next month.

Originally, Silver was making it so that law enforcement would be patrolling the bubble in order to stop players and staff from leaving. Now, it seems like Silver is rolling back on this idea. Instead, players will be free to leave the bubble although if they choose to do so, they will be subjugated to another quarantine, which would hamper their ability to play with their teammates.

It remains to be seen how this idea will play out, especially with just how bad the virus has become. The United States doesn't seem to care about wearing masks and social distancing, so a return to normalcy could be a very long way out.

Either way, we hope it all works out as it would be nice to finally have the NBA back, after all this time.