When Adam Silver was first hired to become the NBA's commissioner, fans felt like he was doing a good job. From unique initiatives to allowing the players to protest racial injustice, it seemed like Silver had a handle on things. However, throughout the pandemic, Silver has fallen out of favor as he continues to make decisions that put the players at risk during the pandemic.

Perhaps his most controversial decision was to go through with this year's NBA All-Star Game. Various players were rightfully upset with the decision but Silver isn't backing down. The game is going down tonight and just hours ago, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were exempt from the game due to a COVID-19 scare.

Adam SilverStacy Revere/Getty Images

The news coming out of Atlanta has left many fans in disbelief as to just how reckless holding the game was. In fact, Silver is catching a ton of heat on Twitter, as fans continue to call him out while also sharing some hilarious memes about the entire situation. Needless to say, Silver will not be a popular man when this is all said and done.

Despite everything, the game is still going to happen today, as Team LeBron and Team Durant try to put on a show for the fans at home. In the meantime, check out the best reactions to the situation, below.