Adele recently suggested that she might be dropping an album this year while at a private wedding. It's been five years since the "Someone Like You" singer released her third studio album, 25 (2015), and her massive fan base is eagerly awaiting her next musical offering. But with 25 selling over ten million copies, officially going diamond, and earning her a total of five Grammys at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, the creative process can become daunting for someone who's achieved success at that magnitude. 

This past weekend, the new-look Adele attended Laura Dockrill and former Maccabees member Hugo White's wedding ceremony where she performed a variety of cover songs from Beyonce's "Crazy in Love," the Spice Girl's "Spice Up Your Life," and her very own, "Rolling In The Deep." While clips of her impromptu performance flooded the timeline, no moment topped the British singer's revelation of a full-length album possibly dropping this year. During a brief moment in the evening, Adele nonchalantly said, "Expect my album in Sept.," into the venue's microphone. 

While the music industry isn't very trustworthy when it comes to artists revealing their album release dates, there's a good chance that Adele will be reintroduced into the musical climate sometime this year. Following her recent divorce and extreme physical transformation, Adele probably has enough content to provide the masses with another record-breaking album. 

Check out the audio of Adele revealing her upcoming album release month as well as additional clips of the award-winning songstress performing at Laura Dockrill and Hugo White's wedding in the videos provided below.