Adele’s casual photo dump gave a rare sneak peek into the singer living her best life, still without revealing any real details about her birthday celebration. The post was a huge hit nonetheless, accumulating over 4 million likes in just a few hours.

The first photo in the set is a striking black-and-white image of the singer, followed by a photo of her swimming in clear waters with a gleeful smile. The last photo, an action shot of her twirling in a tie-dye dress, shows off her fit figure. 

Adele’s weight loss was a big accomplishment for the singer, and has followed her in the headlines ever since. Her sudden reveal of her over 100-pound weight loss left the industry stunned, applauding the singer for her dramatic transformation.

After all the attention from her first weight loss post, she has remained fairly inactive on social media. The singer fell off the music scene in 2015, after the release of her third album, 25,leaving fans mystified by her new elusive personality.

Her seemingly random return to social media has sparked album release rumors among fans on social media, as many have commented. The singer teased at the album during her SNL appearance in September, making a joke out of the commentary she received upon her host announcement saying, “Why isn’t she the musical guest?’ And stuff like that, and there’s a couple of reasons. My album’s not finished, and I’m also too scared to do both.”