Over the past year or so, Le'Veon Bell has been fairly adamant about wanting to get into the boxing space. He has yet to fight anyone, however, he is very certain that he can give a good fighter a run for their money. YouTube star Austin McBroom is supposedly hosting a big boxing event at the Crypto.Com arena next month, and Bell is going to be a part of the card. 

According to TMZ, there is one issue here and that is the fact that Bell still doesn't have an opponent. No one has signed on to battle it out with Bell, and it has left promoters scrambling. Now, there could be a solution at play that involves another NFL legend.

Le'Veon Bell

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Yes, that's right, Adrian Peterson is now in talks to take on this fight. The fight is set to go down on July 30th, and there is this sense that Peterson will accept. Of course, a lot still needs to be worked out, especially since Peterson hadn't expressed much interest in boxing up until this point. The two have a seven-year gap, which means Bell should have the advantage.

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Adrian Peterson

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