At first the Uber driver complied with Adrien Broner's request to turn up the nozzle when "Sicko Mode" came upon the group. Driver and song weren't exactly a match to begin with. Keeping a respectable Uber score, in this day in age, is dependent on making certain concessions to the customer base, even if that calls for erratic "turn-up" behavior. But even the most impressionable of driver's have their limits -- see for yourself.

As you can see, the driver acquiesced to Broner's demands and upped the volume meter for Drake's "Sicko Mode" intro. Broner made the request rather obstinately, but that's not compelled the driver to end the trip. With a buildup of rain on his windshield, Broner's (and his friend's) turn-up antics had become an unwanted distraction on the open road, the driver subsequently ordering the two men out the car.

The Uber head office managed to contact the driver, who was under oath to file a report. After serious consideration, Uber reps have decided to ban the boxer indefinitely for "unacceptable" conduct. I can't imagine a world where Adrian Broner runs a "par for course" credit score for any of his pre-paid arrangements. Adrien Broner continues to tow the fine line of social acceptability, this is nothing new.