Adrien Broner has reportedly been arrested at the Wilder-Fury weigh-in at Vegas' MGM Grand Garden, TMZ reports. Apparently, Broner attempted to get into the arena for the weigh-in but it appears there's been a ban on him from entering the arena. The publication reports that he was told twice that he wasn't permitted to enter the property, although it's unclear why. Regardless, he appeared anyways which resulted in his subsequent arrest

Footage of Broner being taken away in cuffs emerged online earlier today. It appears that he refused to leave the property and that's why he was placed in cuffs. Hotel security initially held it down and had AB detained before the police arrived on the scene where he was cited. He was reportedly taken to county jail where he was processed and cited for misdemeanor trespassing.

AB's been in the headlines a lot in the past few months and very little of it has had to do with his boxing career. In late 2019, he was forced to cough up $800K to a sexual assault victim. Literally three days into the new year and he was already in new trouble after 16-year-old Bhad Bhabie exposed him for sliding into her DMs. It seems all of the controversy in recent months snowballed to the point where he needed to take a break from social media.