That Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight has been the talk of the town. The mega-hyped showdown was over before it began in the first round after Paul knocked out Askren in a surprisingly quick feat, leaving the match to be discussed among sports elite and fans alike. There has been speculation and accusations hurled toward both Paul and Askren as people accuse the pair of staging the bout's ending, but Paul and his team have been enjoying the victory while ignoring the critics.

After it was shared that Paul would take home $690K for the fight, boxing champ Adrien Broner couldn't believe that a rising fighter could make that much money.

Jake Paul, Ben Askren, Adrien Broner, Boxing, Purse, Salary
Al Bello / Staff / Getty Images

"This is crazy niggas train they whole life and never get a chance to make this type money I’m happy for @jakepaul and I think he deserves everything giving to him but this is mind blowing," wrote Broner on Instagram. "Cause @showtimeboxing and al Haymon do pay the f*ck outta me but I really put the work in since I was 6 to get to where I am but this is just my opinion I’m not hating or nothing ..... F*CK IT MY NEXT FIGHT GOT TO BE ON @triller [crying laughing emojis]."

Some commented that Paul has 20 million YouTube followers and 15 million Instagram followers, and as a viral celebrity, he could bring in viewing numbers that many other fighters couldn't. In fact, it's reported that the fight itself made over $65 million in PPV earnings. Check out Broner's post and Paul tossing around cash below.