He has enough drama going on in his life without needing an additional scandal from Celina Powell. We've recently reported on Adrien Broner facing off with a judge over an unpaid $800K judgment awarded to a woman who claimed that the champion boxer assaulted her years ago. Broner told the court that he's broke and only has $13 to his name, however, he's managed to stay afloat financially with the help of his "rich friends." Broner returned to Instagram with a screenshot of a conversation, not about his financial troubles, but of a brief exchange with well-known celebrity groupie Celina Powell.

In the DM, it looks as if Powell messaged Broner her phone number along with the request "F*ck me now." Broner allegedly responded, "No stop writing me please I have a wife," but that's all that the boxer shows of the chat. Whether or not they continued to converse will remain a mystery, but Broner explained his rejection in the caption of his post.

"Look y’all All p*ssy is not good p*ssy everybody have a blessed day!! And I blocked her number so she don’t try to put a case on me and take some of this $13 I got left #Respectfully." Check out the post below.

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