Boxer Adrien Broner has always had a thing for being flashy. His trash talk has gotten him in trouble in the world of boxing and his millions of dollars in chains has made him quite the character. While the boxer makes millions of dollars from his fights, it apparently isn't enough to pay his jeweler, who is suing him for unpaid work, according to TMZ.

Pristine Jewelers in New York is filing a lawsuit against the boxer because he still owes them a whopping $1.252 million in unpaid jewelry. According to the jeweler, he has sent them checks in the past but they bounced and Broner has refused to be put on a payment plan ever since. In TMZ's report, Broner claimed he would pay the company the balance after his fight against Jessie Vargas. Since then, Broner has only paid off $100k of that tab. 


Sarah Stier/Getty Images

In addition to the money they're owed, Pristine Jewelers is seeking an extra $1 million in damages.

It will be interesting to see if Broner's legal troubles are resolved soon. The boxer has a fight against Manny Pacquiao on January 19th which will be sure to bring in the millions. Perhaps he'll use the money to settle the dispute.