They may seem like an unlikely couple to some, but Adrienne Houghton will tell you that her husband, gospel great Israel Houghton, is her match made in heaven. She dated Rob Kardashian for two years in the late 2000s and later, she was engaged Roc Nation executive Lenny Santiago after dating for six years. Israel Houghton was a friend and less than a year after breaking off her engagement to Lenny, Adrienne and Israel were married after only dating for six months.

Israel Houghton, Adrienne Houghton
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

Adrienne chatted with Fat Joe on Instagram Live about her marriage, and during the discussion, the 36-year-old revealed what attracted her to her 48-year-old husband. “He’s so funny. If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything,” said Adrienne. “So, he was funny, he let me be me, and I think there’s something about a man who lets you be genuinely who you are."

She also said that she can be rather abrasive and sometimes she needs a man who knows how to put his foot down, albeit lovingly. "I have a reckless mouth, everybody knows it. I can be somewhat alpha female like, this is what we’re doing, and kind of bossy," Adrienne added. "I love that he lets me be that. He lets me be that and I almost love when he becomes that because I need that in my life. I need a man sometimes to check me or be like, ‘That’s not what we’re doing.’ So it goes both ways. I think women that are successful in business, they need a man sometimes to take control. So I love that he allows me to be the woman I am on the business side and run my stuff and talk my ish on The Real, and then I come home and he lets me be who I am. He celebrates that.”