Soulja Boy's love for Fortnite and Rick and Morty has landed him in a teaser for the season five premiere of the cartoon series. A TikTok was reposted to Adult Swim's Instagram featuring Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith alongside an animated Soulja Boy as his newly-released "Rick and Morty" freestyle plays in the background. Soulja's latest song was released after the impromptu freestyle from his Twitch stream went viral. 

Rick and Morty

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TBS

The Twitch clip of Soulja Boy freestyling while his Fortnite character, Rick Sanchez, dances is as bizarre as it is hilarious. The crossover between Rick and Morty and Fortnite was highly anticipated by both fans who adore the TV series and Fortnite players who wanted to make fun of the unusual collaboration. Soulja Boy didn't seem to mind, though, and his subsequent freestyle landed him a placement for the show's recent announcement. The caption pokes fun at Soulja Boy's 'did it first' motto. "He and that guy from Fortnite did it first," it reads. 

The fifth season of Rick and Morty finds the show taking a new direction plot-wise as the lead characters mature. Morty is said to have a new breadth of intelligence and capability behind him, as opposed to Rick who now fulfills the more anxious role. Season five will come with the introduction of a new nemesis for the gang, or a recurring nemesis for time-traveling Rick, in the form of the watery Mr. Nimbus. The flamboyant take on Marvel's "Namor the Submariner" is said to cause problems for the two throughout the season or at least through the second story.

Are you tuning in tomorrow night for the premiere? Check out the teaser and the freestyle below: