Those who have kept their ear to the underground hip-hop scene will no doubt recognize the name Aesop Rock. Known for his brilliant and abstract penmanship that requires a Decoded variant and six literary scholars, Rock has earned acclaim through releases like None Shall Pass and Skelethon. To be honest, it's safe to say that Rock is among hip-hop's most profound lyricists; while it's not always clear what he's talking about, it still somehow is. I don't know. Such is my experience with Aesop's music. Plus, he produces the majority of his own music. The man is a god damn visionary.

While largely popping amid underground circles, Rock's following is as devout as they come. Those who have love for the rapper will be pleased to know that he's planning a triumphant return as soon as this Friday. Accompanied by a video teaser, Rock took to Instagram to preview a new song, which features no shortage of trademark creative bars. "The dogs I think are following me home around to kill me," he raps. "Your music makes a motherfucker want to move to Elm Street."

If the artwork from the clip is any indication, the upcoming track may very well be titled "Klutz." Shout out to the only rapper to use "Blunderbuss" in a sentence.