Last week, after several more men came forward and claimed Afrika Bambaataa molested them, Zulu Nation announced that Bambaataa had been removed as their leader. Bambaataa did his first video interview on the controversial subject last night, and he continues to deny all molestation claims. The hip-hop pioneer first denied the accusations in a statement via his lawyer last month.

During the interview with Fox News' Lisa Evers, Bambaataa says, "I never abused nobody. You know, it just sounds crazy to people to say that, hear 'you abused me.' You know my thing is you know all my people back then, you know the hundreds of people that been around me. If something like that happened, why you never went to none of them?"

Later on he added, "What is the motivation, what is the agenda? It’s hard to say. You don’t know what many of these people are thinking. What is behind it. Some parts are saying it could be shakeups. Certain things people might have wanted."

Ronald Savage, who is now 50-years old, was the first man to step forward and accuse Bambaataa of molesting him when he was just 15. When Evers asked Bambaataa what he would say to Savage, he replies, "the brother knows the people who he came around in my group with, and knows that he wasn't in my presence unless among those people, and he needs to go back and speak to those people who was part of our organization, and deal with them, and stop all this craziness that they tryna put, by attacking me." He added, "I ain't never touch this brother whatsoever."

Watch the Fox interview below.