Last May when news broke that 25-year-old Ahmed Arbery was slain by Gregory and Travis McMichael in a merciless act of violence. Video footage from the scene showed the brutal murder taking place in the small town of Brunswick, Georgia. According to court documents filed in Glynn County Superior Court, for the third time since being charged in the death of Ahmaud, William Bryan, the man who captured the murder on tape, is requesting to be released from prison due to his blood pressure being at an uncontrollable high. 

The 50-year-old neighbor of the father-son duo that carried out the vicious act is requesting a release on humanitarian grounds because his blood pressure topped 190/100 at the end of December even after being treated by the Glynn County Detention Center he is currently being held in. His attorney believes this is compelling enough to grant him a second bond hearing in front of a judge while he and the McMichaels remain in jail.

In the documents, his attorney refers to Bryan as "the least culpable person" charged in any of the high profile racially motivated cases in the country. “Assuming he survives long enough to have a trial, Mr. Bryan’s ability to attend, follow along and participate meaningfully in his own trial would be greatly impaired if this issue is not addressed,” the request said.

Bryan, who is accused of hopping in his truck on February 23rd of last year and joining the McMichaels to chase Ahmaud as he jogged, is also facing child molestation charges relating to a different case. We'll keep you updated with new developments in the Ahmaud Arbery trial as it proceeds.