For weeks now, the Air Jordan 35 has been heavily teased on social media, and now, it looks like it is finally about to make its way to the market. Today, Nike unveiled five colorways of the brand new Jordan silhouette including "Center of Gravity," "DNA," "Bayou Boys," "Warrior," and "Morpho."

All five of these models are pretty unique and they feature some cool new design elements, including the Eclipse Plate 2.0 which is placed on the midsole. This helps provide players with more stability and comfort as they go up and down the court.

"Integrating premium materials and textures was a priority for the Air Jordan 35," Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis said. "The brand has a history of giving these materials an aspirational quality. When players see it, when they touch it, they feel like they have the power of the Jumpman behind them. Everything we do has to tie back to making the best basketball shoe on the planet."

At this juncture, the only colorway with an official release date is the OG "Center Of Gravity" model which is slated to come out on October 17th. As always, let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Air Jordan 35 XXXV 'Center Of Gravity' Lateral
Image via Nike (Center Of Gravity)
Air Jordan 35 XXXV 'Warrior' Lateral
Image via Nike (Warrior)
Air Jordan 35 XXXV 'Morpho' Lateral
Image via Nike (Morpho)
Air Jordan 35 XXXV 'Bayou Boys' Lateral
Image via Nike (Bayou Boys)
Air Jordan 35 XXXV 'DNA' Lateral
Image via Nike (DNA)