The stan really jumped out with this one. On Friday, while Drake was celebrating the release of his new mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, over Instagram live, he gave a certain someone a special shout out, and that certain someone proceeded to lose their shit. Akademiks was streaming Drizzy's live session on Twitch, and it's safe to say he was pretty stoked when he heard Drake mention his name.

In a clip from the Twitch stream, Drake says, "Akademiks, you're allowed on the live tonight, man. We had a good talk the other day, man. You're allowed on live tonight." He proceeds to play the previously-released "Chicago Freestyle" that appears on Dark Lane Demo Tapes, while Akademiks yells "Let's goooooooo!" at the top of his lungs. He starts jumping up and down and spinning in circles, freaking out so hard that he actually causes concrete damage. "I just broke my chair!" he declares, although he shows little concern for the piece of furniture. He goes on to shout, "I TOLD YOU!" to everybody watching, before pounding his fists on the wall. The moment clearly meant a lot to him, and his reaction was so intense that it actually froze Drake's screen during the Twitch session.