The tension has been brewing between Akademiks and Rosenberg, who haven't exactly been coexisting harmoniously in the hip-hop media sandbox. In fact, Rosenberg and Ak's feud recently reached a head this past week, when both parties let fly heated rants at one another.

For Ak, the fighting words transpired on Twitch, as he proceeded to assert his dominance over the Hot 97 host, who he deemed to be clinging lifelessly to a dying platform among other unflattering claims. In exchange, Rosenberg ridiculed "the bass in his voice," essentially called him "the softest" person in the game, and invited to a boxing match in the name of charity. Later, he and Ebro issued an official response to Akademiks, their sentiments toward the former Everyday Struggle host unchanged. 

For Akademiks, the challenge did not go unnoticed. While he wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of stepping into a celebrity boxing match (unless a substantial bag was involved), he did challenge Rosenberg to a duel of a different sort. "Ain’t no celebrity boxing that’s gonna go down with me, you're a bum” Ak said,  “I need $1 million to step in the ring with anybody, but you should DM me and we could spar. I’m giving you that opportunity, Rosenberg, and I don’t give that opportunity a lot. Hit my DM, and we can spar. You talking way too crazy.”

“Hit me up and we’ll spar in the next week," continues Ak. "If Rosenberg hits me up in the next week, I’ll spar with him. We’ll find a gym and me and him will spar. No cameras, no nothing and we’ll see what’s up. You know I shitted on you because you a 45-year-old with your bitch, fuck both of y’all. Ya'll got mad cause a young n***a like me shitted on you."

“I see you trying to take it physical," he continues. "I’ll do it for free. But hit me up in the next week. If you DM me in the next week, and I don’t respond, screenshot it and expose me. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear shit from you. You’re irrelevant and you start talking that hand shit.”

At this point, it's unclear if Rosenberg will actively take up Akademiks on his challenge -- though given how bloodthirsty he appeared to be in his own retaliatory rant, it wouldn't be surprising. Though it's unlikely the masses will ever catch footage of the media melee, should it indeed occur, rest assured that this saga shows no sign of slowing down. Expect an update in the imminent future.