Strange tidings have surrounded Tekashi 6ix9ine for a minute now. For one, the rapper previously cut ties with the "Treyway" cause; you might remember the Treyway name through 6ix9ine's various impassioned cries. Later, he appeared on The Breakfast Club to provide his perspective, accusing promoters of extortion among other dubious activities. Now, he is facing a potentially career-derailing racketeering charge, which found the rainbow rapper being taken into federal custody. As of now, we're not sure what's going on in 6ix9ine's camp, given the absence of any real allies in his corner.

Yet there is Akademiks, who has cultivated a friendship of sorts with the young rapper. In fact, Ak has often played somewhat of a mentorship role from afar, with some even speculating that he was vying for a managerial role in his own right. In any case, many anticipated hearing what the hip-hop journalist and media personality had to say on the situation at hand, especially given his friendship with Tekashi. In fact, today's episode of Everyday Struggle largely centered around Tekashi, with the conversation getting heated. 

From the jump, Ak seems to allude to the possibility that 6ix9ine has been over his head, citing the infamous kidnapping, which happened internally. "The people who were behind him, and whatever he says they were rocking with," says Akademiks. "People got cut off. There's been segments of them, and of course, people get disgruntled and shit happens." 

Co-host Wayno isn't convinced, claiming 6ix9ine is somewhat of a boy-who-cried-wolf. "Everytime something happens, we have to question if it's real or not," he says. "He needed to come out and say he was a parody to begin with. I don't think he ever cared about being a rapper."

Akademiks feels that 6ix9ine has become very distrustful in recent months, claiming "he doesn't talk to nobody." Wayno vehemently disagrees, likening the rainbow-wonder to Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects. "He the kid who cried gangsta," says Wayno. "There's certain ways to get into gangs. There's no way he got into gangs the orthodox way. They blessed him and let him rock because he's making money. At the certain point you making all this money, you have to feed the wolves my n***a." 

Ak continues to discuss 6ix9ine's mentality about business and his career, and eventually the conversation shifts to the RICO charge. "They went in his crib and found a gun. He admitted that the feds been outside his house for the last couple of months. Obviously something is going on. Hopefully it's not something too crazy."

"His gangsta bout to get tested," says Wayno. "You want to know if you a gangsta or not? The feds gon' test your gangsta."  Ak jumps off that point, saying "everyone knows his affiliations helped get him big. The same bed you make, you gon' have to lie in it." 

For more on 6ix9ine, peep Everyday Struggle below.