A person utterly convinced that they're above mortality can be an upsetting sight to behold. The reckless self-destructiveness, the complete and utter lack of self-awareness. Together it makes for a volatile combination, one that all too often leads to a premature and uncomfortable end. In the case of Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper who has made a career out of tempting fate, it would appear that not even a prison stay can temper his arrogance.


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In fact, he seems to count himself more untouchable than ever before, firing off disrespectful shots at beloved artists like Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, and XXXTentacion. Perhaps it was the fresh New York air that emboldened him, inflaming his desire to claim kingship over his city. Of course, such behavior is all too often encouraged by enablers, and 6ix9ine is likely surrounded by them -- who really wants to tip the cash-cow at the height of its productivity? Yet there does seem to be a doubter in the ranks, and an unlikely one at that: DJ Akademiks.

A friendship that blossomed in a swimming pool and strengthened over Instagram Live, Ak has often championed the rainbow-haired rapper where nobody else dared to do so. Even now, as 6ix9ine roams the streets defiantly challenging his haters to act, tempting fate the moment a camera lands upon his face. During a recent conversation, Ak asked 6ix9ine why he even bothered returning to the streets in the first place.

"I want you to be safe man," says Ak. "I know this as a fact, you getting too much money. You don't gotta prove nobody wrong or nobody right. Today was a ballsy move. You out in the streets with people, but you don't gotta be. You are one of the top five or top ten most successful artists in the music game. You don't gotta do this." Despite Ak's clear concern for his friend's safety, Tekashi doesn't seem to care. Instead, he doubles down by singing Pop Smoke lyrics. "You don't gotta go back to the hood ever," maintains Ak, to no avail. Interesting that a man can call himself King Of New York but balk at the idea of listening to his trusted counsel -- what kind of King is that? 

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