The recent spat between Akbar V and Alexis Skyy has caused a few Philadelphia residents to troll the rapper. Akbar recently received quite a bit of backlash following her comments about Skyy's special needs daughter. The ladies got into a verbal altercation that nearly escalated after Akbar attended Skyy and Lira Galore's hosting gig at a nightclub in Philly. Later, both Skyy and Akbar traded words on separate Instagram Live sessions, where Akbar unleashed on the model.

"B*tch, you got a braindead baby," she said about Skyy's young daughter who was born with hydrocephalus. "Your baby ain't got a brain. B*tch, you got a r*tarded child." Later, a "Notice to Vacate" meme began circulating, telling the Love & Hip Hop star that she's no longer welcomed in the City of Brotherly Love.

Akbar V, Philadelphia, Alexiss Skyy
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

The "notice" listed reasons for Akbar to leave the city: "Arguing over food, pretending to be from here, mocking religion with prayer hands, fighting... horrible rapping and over staying welcome."

However, Akbar has said she's still in Philly and doesn't plan on going anywhere. "Still in Philly, I ain't got touched," Akbar said on her Livestream. "I can't get evicted, I paid my rent... I got a spot out here now. I'm focused on my music. I gotta shoot two videos and I gotta do—don't ask me about none of that drama! It was a couple days ago. I don't wanna hear that."

Check out the "notice" and Akbar V's response below.