Kanye West is no doubt one of the most influential Hip Hop artists of his generation, having tapped into audiences that extend past the genre's community. The recognition of his peers can only cement what some critics have been saying about the producer. Many affirm that West has changed music, with some even attributing shifts in culture to each of his albums. Akon seems to agree with this idea according to one of his online musings.

The "Konvicted" artist took to Twitter to express his admiration for Yeezy, writing, "Ye @kanyewest doesn’t get the credit he deserves for changing the game."

While this feeling seems genuine, Akon had previously claimed to have paved the way for Kanye's successful use of auto-tune. The 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreak, was received as a compliment. Akon commented on the project:

"I embrace the fact that they're doing it (rappers are singing). Music changes every year. I'm just happy (about) the fact that people are jumping on what we're already doing."

"I look at it like a tribute to what we're already doing, and I look at it like a compliment, really."

"I say 'you're welcome' every time I hear (rappers singing). A melody has a way of describing (words), 'cause of the emotions that come with melody. Melody brings it out better than a bland vocal. It's easier to relate."