Yung Bleu knew was he was doing when he sang about "Thieves in Atlanta" for one of his recent singles. A few weeks ago, rapper Ludacris had his car stolen from an Atlanta bank after he left the car running in the parking lot. He eventually got his vehicle back. On Tuesday, 11Alive reported another car theft, this time affecting pop star/rapper/activist Akon, who reportedly was pumping gas in Buckhead when somebody hopped in his whip and drove off.

According to the report, Akon was filling up his white Range Rover and left the car running. Police are looking at surveillance footage and trying to find the suspects responsible for taking off with the car. Atlanta police are urging residents not to leave their cars running after auto thefts have risen by about 47% since last year.

Leonard Adam/Getty Images

"Any time you stop your vehicle and you leave your vehicle for just a split second, please turn your vehicle off and take your keys with you and secure your vehicle," said Lt. Dorian Graham. "We're having far too many vehicles stolen because we are leaving our vehicles running."

Akon has not made any public statements regarding this incident. We will keep you posted on any updates in this developing story.