Live like the legendary mobster Al Capone for just $15 million. That prohibition era gangster was born in Brooklyn, took over Chicago, and then passed away while living lavishly in his Palm Island, Maimi mansion. That same mansion is now up for grabs. As you could imagine, a mob boss would enjoy living a secluded life. The 36,000 Sqft mansion is surrounded by a 7-foot wall, that will help keep out anybody you please. The mansion itself has 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, a gorgeous guest house, a pool cabana, and a 60,000-gallon swimming pool. 

The home has been restored to its Prohibition day glory, giving the residence a vintage feel.  93 Palm, which has the home listed on their website, states:

"Al Capone's former Miami Beach mansion, renamed 93 Palm, is one of the oldest and most notorious estates in Miami. Built in 1922, the prohibition-era gangster bought it in 1928 to make it his sunshine retreat. Located in the exclusive Miami Beach's Palm Island, the property sits on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay and offers a unique view of adjacent Hibiscus Island. For discerning clients looking for a sophisticated and private venue in a prime location, 93 Palm sets the most exclusive scene for a wide range of photo and video productions, offering a stylish, glamorous and cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with timeless grace, history and sumptuous luxury."

Check out some photos of the mansion, and head over to 93 Palm's site if you've got the capital to invest.