Heading into this season, the Philadelphia 76ers were heralded as the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. With players like Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and Al Horford, it was believed the Sixers would dominate and even get to the finals. So far, the 76ers have been a bit of a disappointment as they currently boast a record of 31-20 and are sixth in the Eastern standings. Just a couple of nights ago, the Sixers were blown out by 31 points at the hands of the Miami Heat and now, pundits are questioning their ability to succeed.

Today, 76ers player Al Horford was asked whether or not anyone in the locker room needs to be called out for their play. As he explained, "there's some stuff going on" and that the team is looking to keep everything "internal" for the time being. With this being said, it's clear the 76ers have some deep issues to work out.

If you're a 76ers fan, this certainly has to be hard to watch. Many felt like this team could rival the Milwaukee Bucks and would be in a prime position to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers in the NBA Finals. With over 30 games left to play, the Sixers will be looking to clean up their act and get back on a winning track.

Do you think the 76ers can turn things around and make a deep run in the playoffs?