Alabama is easily the best team in college football this season and many fans believe they are a lock to win the National Championship. They have all of the talents in the world and based on the matchups they've been given, it seems like only the Clemson Tigers can give them a real run for their money. As of right now, Alabama is playing Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl and they are up 21-7 at the half. They have looked downright dominant and running back Najee Harris has been particularly special.

In the clip below, Harris can be seen pulling off an exceptional play as he hurdles over a Notre Dame defender, before almost scoring himself a touchdown. It was one of those plays that will immediately have you jumping out of your seat and if you're an Alabama fan, this was a lot of fun to witness live.

As one can imagine, the social media reactions were pretty intense following the play, as many noted just how incredible Harris is out on the field. Hurdles are nothing new in football although Harris' was particularly impressive and worthy of some praise.

You can check out the reactions to the play, below.