Alchemist continues to solidify himself as the most prolific producer in the game. If not the number one, he's up there. The legendary beatmaker and occasional rapper never stops working, and now he's linked up with Boldy James for yet another collaborative effort. Picking up where last year's Boldface (not to be confused with Blueface) EP aperitif left off, the pair have unveiled further details about their upcoming album The Price Of Tea In China. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images 

Drawing inspiration from an old idiom suggesting an irrelevant point, the project features esteemed lyricists in supporting roles; look for Vince Staples, Benny The Butcher (who seems to be widely recognized by fellow verbal elites), Freddie Gibbs, and Evidence. Yet it's Boldy himself, and possible Alchemist with the occasional verse, who will be carrying the torch the majority of the way. And for that reason, it's clear we're in good hands. 

Check out the full tracklist and Kei Imazu-laced cover artwork below, and look for The Price Of Tea In China to land on February 7th. 

1. “Carruth”
2. “Giant Slide”
3. “Surf & Turf” f. Vince Staples
4. “Run-Ins”
5. “Scrape the Bowl” f. Benny the Butcher
6. “Pinto”
7. “Slow Roll”
8. “S.N.O.R.T.” f. Freddie Gibbs
9. “Grey October” f. Evidence
10. “Mustard”
11. “Speed Demon Freestyle”
12. “Phone Bill”