Being an Alchemist and all, the legendary producer likely understands a simple truth of life -- sometimes, accidents happen while experimenting in the lab. And sometimes, said accidents lead to hilarious side effects. Case in point, upon being nominated for his second-ever Grammy Award, this time for his integral work as co-creator of Freddie Gibbs' AlfredoThe Alchemist found himself on the receiving end of an admittedly hilarious Grammy-related mixup. 

In the same vein as Jack Harlow's "What's Poppin" having been mistakenly credited to Luke James,Alchemist found himself completely reimagined as a brooding and tattooed man, staring with smoldering intensity at the camera. At this moment, the man remains unidentified to us, but should you recognize his identity be sure to sound off in the comments below. Alchemist seemed to find the whole artist-page blunder rather amusing, sharing a screenshot on his Instagram page and opening the door to some hilarious responses.

Many of his pals were quick to have a laugh at his expense, with Gibbs, MixedByAli, Statik Selektah, Apathy, and more adding their voices to the choir. As for Al, he took the gaffe in stride, owning his new look and celebration the occasion accordingly. "lol," he simply writes. "Fuckit, we out here!"

Though mistakes can and will be made from time to time, some truths are universal. No matter what form he takes, hip-hop will always have love for The Alchemist. Congratulations to the legendary producer for his big nomination, a milestone also celebrated in a rare Twitter post from Eminem

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images