Alex Caruso has become a folk hero of sorts in the NBA thanks to his very particular look. Some NBA fans absolutely love Caruso while others think the gimmick has already worn thin. Regardless of what you think, Caruso is certainly a highlight machine and people around the league love him. Not to mention, him and LeBron James make for an unstoppable duo and if you're skeptical about that, just go check the stats: they are the highest rated on-court tandem in the league.

Recently, Caruso was on the "Lowe Post" podcast with ESPN's Zach Lowe and he got to speak about "Space Jam 2." Everyone is excited for the movie to come out and some have been wondering if Caruso would be a part of the project. Well, we've unfortunately got some bad news for you.

Alex Caruso

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

"No, unfortunately, there will not be an AC Fresh cameo in Space Jam 2. Maybe if it was a couple years from now I would have got the call,” Caruso said.

If you're a Caruso fan or just a Lakers supporter in general, this is pretty devastating news. However, perhaps Caruso can build himself up and become the face of "Space Jam 3," if it ever happens.